Red horn kratom is one of the most popular kratom strains that’s highly valued for its multi-purpose use and important therapeutic effects. The strain is well-known for its ruby red color, a crystal-clear indicator of its originality relative to other available strains. The strain is capable of offering you improved mood, euphoria at high doses, more energy and pain relief. That being said, let’s look at some important things that you ought to know about Red horn kratom.

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Why is it difficult to find and easy to confuse red horn kratom with other strains?

This is primarily because red horn kratom is a rare product as well as very difficult to grow and cultivate. For centuries, Thailand; which is actually the only place where red horn kratom can be found has been growing strain within the jungles of Borneo. The country itself has found it tough growing and cultivating the strain. For this reason, red horn kratom has been produced in small levels. Moreover, due to the high market and medical value of the strain, the crop has majorly been sold even before being harvested. Finding the strain has things stand currently is generally a big achievement if not a real score.

Why take red horn kratom?

Red horn kratom is known to have a significant effect on the user. If you want a sedative strain to enhance your mood then the red horn kratom is what you should go for. Other reasons why you should take the strain include:

Better sleep

Huge anxiety relief

Long-lasting effects

Relaxation and calmness

The strain is very unpredictable but perfectly work for all the users. IF you want a laidback and distinctive feeling during your sleep time, this is the perfect strain for you.

Red horn kratom dosage

It’s always recommended that you take the drug is stages depending on your level of experience. Level one or two is a good point to commence, you don’t need to take many grams for you to feel the effects.

The beginning

1gram is just enough for a beginner. With this amount, you are able to feel the stimulating and mood enhancement feeling.


For mild level, 1.2 grams is just sufficient. You are also able to feel the stimulating and mood-boosting effect.


2.4grams is recommendable. At this stage, there is a balance between sedation, stimulation, pain-killing effects and euphoria.


3.6grams is advisable. The involved effects here are analgesic, sedative and euphoric.

Very strong

About 5.8 grams is taken at this level. Very few people can actually be able to handle this. Substantial sedative effects experienced and euphoria can actually lead to hallucinations.


Red horn kratom is a very good relation and sleep enhancer and a perfect pain relief. It’s actually the best of all the kratom products that you should go for. Its effects are swift and very many people have actually loved it for a pretty good period of time.