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All you need to know about Red Horn Kratom

Red horn kratom is one of the most popular kratom strains that’s highly valued for its multi-purpose use and important therapeutic effects. The strain is well-known for its ruby red color, a crystal-clear indicator of its originality relative to other available strains. The strain is capable of offering you improved mood, euphoria at high doses, more energy and pain relief. That being said, let’s look at some important things that you ought to know about Red horned kratom.

Why is it difficult to find and easy to confuse red horn kratom with other strains?

This is primarily because red horn kratom is a rare product as well as very difficult to grow and cultivate. For centuries, Thailand; which is actually the only place where red horn kratom can be found has been growing strain within the jungles of Borneo. The country itself has found it tough growing and cultivating the strain. For this reason, red horn kratom has been produced in small levels. Moreover, due to the high market and medical value of the strain, the crop has majorly been sold even before being harvested. Finding the strain has things stand currently is generally a big achievement if not a real score.

Why take red horn kratom?

Red horn kratom is known to have a significant effect on the user. If you want a sedative strain to enhance your mood then the red horn kratom is what you should go for. Other reasons why you should take the strain include:

Better sleep

Huge anxiety relief

Long-lasting effects

Relaxation and calmness

The strain is very unpredictable but perfectly work for all the users. IF you want a laidback and distinctive feeling during your sleep time, this is the perfect strain for you.

Red horn kratom dosage

It’s always recommended that you take the drug is stages depending on your level of experience. Level one or two is a good point to commence, you don’t need to take many grams for you to feel the effects.

The beginning

1gram is just enough for a beginner. With this amount, you are able to feel the stimulating and mood enhancement feeling.


For mild level, 1.2 grams is just sufficient. You are also able to feel the stimulating and mood-boosting effect.


2.4grams is recommendable. At this stage, there is a balance between sedation, stimulation, pain-killing effects and euphoria.


3.6grams is advisable. The involved effects here are analgesic, sedative and euphoric.

Very strong

About 5.8 grams is taken at this level. Very few people can actually be able to handle this. Substantial sedative effects experienced and euphoria can actually lead to hallucinations.


Red horn kratom is a very good relation and sleep enhancer and a perfect pain relief. It’s actually the best of all the kratom products that you should go for. Its effects are swift and very many people have actually loved it for a pretty good period of time.

Kratom, Anxiety Reduction

Kratom, an evergreen tree native to Southeast Asia. Tropical in its origins, the substance is known for its opioid like properties as well as its stimulant like effects. Kratom is typically used for pain reduction and stimulation, yet many also use the kratom for anxiety relief. Some strains can even reduce anxiety and improve work ethic and focus at the same time!

A noteworthy fact in regards to dosage for anxiety reduction, is that if dosed wrong, could provide you with things like extreme stimulation or euphoria which may actually increase anxiety.

In regards to the best strains for anxiety relief, the suggested strains would have to be Borneo, Indo, Bali and Red Veins. Interesting fact, Indo Kratom is known for its double edged effect. It provides a stimulant like effect while also providing sedation.

Best Kratom for anxiety

Red vein strains tend to have pain killing and sedation effects overall. Many choose this specific strain because those two factors are clearly able to reduce anxiety. It is important to note that some similar strains may be stimulating which is actually the opposite of what you want.

The Borneo strain is perhaps one of the most popular anti anxiety strains because of its alkaloid content. The content is generally high in 7-hydroxymitragynine which creates anxiety reduction and pain reduction effects.

Bali is fairly popular because not only does it have sedation and pain reduction effects, but it is actually quite cheap. Often being one of the most purchased strains in recent years.

In regards to strains you should avoid, stay away from Thai, any White Vein strains, and possibly Maeng Da. These strains are typically known for their high stimulation levels. These levels typically increase anxiety levels rather than reduce them.

In terms of dosage, taking low doses is recommended. Kratom tends to work more effectively at low doses. At least for sedation anyway. Higher doses tend to create euphoric effects as well as undesired side effects similar to “The Wobbles”.

Interesting enough, many people prefer Kratom rather than anti depressants in terms of reducing multiple mental hardships. A lot of reviews state that Kratom is cheaper, and far more effective.

Unfortunately, regulatory agencies are constantly putting pressure on the Kratom user community, attempting to make the substance illegal. However, many great arguments have been brought forth by Kratom advocates in order to maintain its legal status.

If you or your family are attempting to use Kratom for anxiety reduction, please be sure to speak with your doctor or general practitioner before hand. As with any body function altering substance, undesired side effects are always a possibility. It is better to be proactive in terms of using Kratom rather than being reactive when something possibly goes wrong.

A comprehensive indo kratom guide for beginner

Indo kratom is mainly produced in Indonesia, an Asian country where Mitragyna speciose is wildly grown. With the various wild crafters and plantations where the business of growing, reaping and drying of the kratom leaves have been done, Indonesia has been known to be the biggest kratom exporter. Scroll down and get to know more about this outstanding kratom strain.

Facts about indo kratom strains

The term indo originates from the word Indonesia, a country where various varieties of indo kratom strains are grown. The traditional indo kratom strains have been known to have their sole set of properties which makes most kratom users prefer it over others. The effects of this kratom varies depending on the season, the plant as well as the vein color. However, it possesses the common characteristics like the other kratom strains which include relaxing, analgesic and sedative effects.

Indo kratom varieties

  1. White vein indo kratom

This kratom variety is well known for its energy boosting and stimulating properties. It has been considered to be a very social strain compared to the red vein. It as well helps in relieving depression and anxiety.

  1. Red vein indo kratom

Just like most red vein kratom strains, the indo kratom red vein has a soothing, analgesic and mood-lifting properties. Red vein indo kratom is helpful in relaxing and calming your body and mind without compromising the aid of your thinking process and thoughts.

Indo kratom types

  1. a) Super indo kratom

Super in this context means the unique way in the harvesting of the kratom. The indo kratom leaves harvested are super as well. Large super indo kratom leaves harvested have high alkaloid content hence produce more potent products even for the smaller doses.

  1. b) Premium indo kratom

In this variety, the stems from leaves are carefully removed before they are dried. This leads to production of a more concentrated product since the leaves contains the most active compounds. This type of indo kratom has been highly recommended in most newbies as it offers best quality and price.

  1. c) Ultra enhanced indo kratom

This type of indo kratom have 25% concentrated extract which makes it effectiveness. This makes it pricier. Typically, experienced kratom users who have mastered the right quantities like such stronger varieties.

Benefits of indo kratom

Pain relieve

Analgesic effects of indo kratom lasts longer than that of other kratom strains, particularly red vein indo kratom variety. Conversely, this kratom variety has sedating effects hence may not be the best choice for a day strain since it may affect your daily activities as well as your work.

Mood enhancer

Indo kratom varieties have a high 7-hydroxy mitragynine content which is an effective mood enhancer. Based on the type of strain you use, it may lead to high euphoria. Allegedly, indo kratom strain should be your best mood enhancer.

Why is the Green Malay the most popular Kratom

The Green Malay is one of the oldest strands of Kratom whose benefits have helped most of the native people in Thailand, Malaysia, Myanmar, Indonesia, and Papua New Guinea. It comes from the Kratom family known as the mitragyna speciose which is almost similar to the coffee tree family.

Its leaves are characteristically green; they are dark and glossy which makes it easy to point out. The size of the leaf when fully wide open ranges from 14 cm – 20 cm long and 7 cm – 12 cm.

The Effects of the Green Malay Kratom

The effects of a standard dose of the Green Malaysian Kratom can last from 3 to f hours in the body system. This duration is almost twice the time other Kratom strands last. It is for that reason why the Kratom has a strong reputation among its users.

The dosage of the Green Malay Kratom

Although the Green Malay Kratom is herbal, it is still a drug, and there are certain limitations one has to take when taking it. Controversially, no a particular dosage suits everyone.

The chemical compounds available in the Kratom react with a person’s body chemistry to yield the effects. The fact that everyone’s body chemistry differs from one another, the threshold of each becomes a learning process till one identifies his or her befitting dosage.

However, the following are safety tips that a user should consider to identify their tolerance level and avoid overdosing or addiction at the same time.

  • The ideal dosage for individuals weighing less than 70 kg/150 pounds is 2 – 3 grams
  • People who weigh around 150-200 pounds should take 3 – 4 grams.
  • Users who weigh 200 pounds and above are the only people recommended to take up to 5 grams of the Green Malay Kratom per day. Close monitoring is advised for the beginners who are new to Kratom effects.

Benefits of the Green Malay Kratom

The significant pros of taking the Green Malay Kratom involve stress and pain relief, smooth energy booster and euphoria. These benefits also translate to:

  • Improvement of social cognition
  • Relax muscles
  • Ease a restless mind
  • Treat insomnia
  • Reduce anxiety levels in the body

The side effects of the Green Malay Kratom

It is crucial to understand that the Green Malay Kratom is one of the potent strain. Therefore, it is essential to proceed to explore its effects with caution. Most of the dominant side effects of the Green Malay Kratom is developing a dependency to the drug.


This Kratom strand is super strong, and as aforementioned, it yields a lot of benefits to the body and the lifestyle of a user. At the same time, it is highly addictive. Users are advised to take the drug on interval days in a week. If you take it today, you don’t have to take it tomorrow, consider taking it the following day.

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