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Is a Prescription Required for Buying Kratom?

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Nowadays, many people are getting fond of using Kratom for treating different kinds of health issues. Most of us ask the question of whether we require a prescription to buy Kratom from any medical store or online pharmaceutical store. There are some medicines which are not given by pharmacy officials without a doctor’s prescription. This is the reason why people have this question in mind that whether they need a prescription to buy Kratom? Well, here in this post I am going to answer this question as well as also tell whether doctors prescribe Kratom to their patients or not.

Do Doctor’s Prescribe Kratom to Patients?

Before we go to the question whether we get a doctor prescription for buying Kratom, let me first discuss whether doctors prescribe Kratom to their patient or not. Well, after seeing the anger of the FDA and DEA towards Kratom, there is without any doubt that not any physician or doctor will risk their practicing license to prescribe Kratom to their patient. FDA has clearly placed Kratom in their controlled substance list, which makes it illegal to buy or sell in various states of America. Though, the legislation varies from state to state.

So, now the question which is to note here is that as we await approval from FDA for Kratom buying and selling will doctors ever prescribe it to their patients or not? Well, the answer to this question completely depends on the authorization and approval from concerned departments. Researchers certainly need to prove whether Kratom has any kind of positive effects on human body health or not. Many people across the globe including me are taking to Kratom to treat chronic pain, anxiety, psychotic disorders, inflammatory conditions, and depression.

However, there are many studies available which show that Kratom effectively helps the people suffering from above-mentioned health issues in an effortless manner, but still, FDA has not officially approved the buying and selling of Kratom in different countries. In this regard, the legal advocates of Kratom suppliers must need to pull up their socks and come up with something solid to make FDA believe that Kratom is a healthy medicine to cure different kinds of health issues.

Do You Need a Prescription for Buying Kratom?

Now for the most frequently asked question by people that whether they need a prescription to buy Kratom or not. Well, the answer to this question is that if you are planning to buy Kratom from any of its supplier or any online store, they certainly will not require any kind of doctor’s prescription from you. The reason is they are selling without any kind of doctors or physician prescription.

This certainly can prove to be good news for the people who are using Kratom for the health issues for which they think it is ideal for it. So, now if you are a person who is suffering from health issues like fracture, cancer or surgery pain, you can effortlessly buy Kratom from its suppliers and online stores without showing them any kind of prescription.

Online stores to buy kratom | best kratom vendor 2019


Before making any purchase it is still too wise to ask and know the best vendors of kratom. Always quality should make first priority. The process of harvesting kratom is quite difficult and so for you to grow it you require the urge to grow it and work on it properly. The natural herb requires so much water rich in minerals and also much sunlight. After harvest, the leaves must be dried properly as well to protect its alkaloids that define Re kratom. Where are some of the best stores online to make kratom purchase from? Below are top five popular and well proven quality vendors:


A company situated in the USA, state of Florida and it is such a good store from its location since Florida legalizes kratom. The company is therefore capable of importing authentic kratom strains which are in line with the strict process. The store offers both capsules and powder and from it reviews, customers are really satisfied. With the site you should be 21 years plus so as to make any order. Any orders made are shipped freely on the day of order. A money back refund is guaranteed for unsatisfied customers. The products sold here are tested in the laboratory as required and the results are displayed on the site.


This is another online store which sells kratom of high quality. The company has so many loyal and satisfied customers due to its irresistible kratom and the fast shipping after an order is received. It’s a well-known and respected company that many people refer beginners to try when making kratom purchases. Although the company does not offer guarantee of money refund, it has built its reputation and also the company so much believes that customers will definitely get the best of the product they are seeking. Vita Kratom offers great kratom strains and also the different strains are available in various sizes making it ideal if you are not decided on which size to buy and also for beginners to fully explore. Their customer support service is awesome and available anytime you need help.


This is another kratom seller so reliable and they offer high-quality products all quoted at very fair prices. The website has an online tracking tool whereby you can keep track of the order you placed. After making the order, shipping is done on that same day. The company provides customers with satisfaction guarantee whereby the product incase did not satisfy your need you can send it back within 30 days and get full refund of the product. Every dollar spend on the website earns the customer points and after getting 250 points they then can be redeemed to $25. It gives a very perfect impression and especially for first time users of the go buy kratom. It’s a very high-quality website offering very quality kratom.

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