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Most Reputable Kratom Vendors Reviews

You can attest that indeed you can purchase everything on the internet, including the most popular health products such as Kratom. Numerous vendors claim that they deliver high-quality Kratom products. It is quite difficult choosing the most reliable kratom vendor. Fortunately, we have reviewed the most reputable kratom vendors.

Reputable Kratom Vendors Reviews

1. Coastline Kratom Vendor

There is no doubt you have heard about the popular Kratom vendor. The highly regarded vendor is well known to sell high-quality products. They deliver numerous strains that come from different parts of the world. It is good to know that their kratom strains cover almost all the existing types of Kratom.

Besides Kratom powder, they have been selling living plants for the last couple of years. With that in mind, you can purchase the plants from them. In that case, you will always have an endless supply of the product. All their plants are durable and come with humidity dome. Besides, the vendor will include detailed instructions on how to plant. The coastline is one of the very few reliable kratom vendors to buy kratom that provide a return policy with a 100% money-back guarantee. This means that you can ask for a refund if you are not satisfied with their products.

Keep in mind that there is express shipping in the United States of America. Moreover, they have admirable customer service. That’s the main reason why people prefer shopping with Coastline kratom.


You can agree with me that indeed is one of the few reputable Kratom vendors. You might be aware that most of their products are sourced from their homeland. Away from that, they stand out at fair prices. Also, you have the freedom to ask for a return if you are not satisfied with their products. The money-back-guarantee lasts for 30 days after the purchase. They have a unique principle where they will refund you completely if you return at least 75% of the product.

Do you know that you can get a refund on an opened product? The money will be refunded as long as the content percentage is still inside. They not only deal with fresh Kratom but also powder products.


They are based in the United States of America. They are well known when it comes to high-quality strains. Similar to top kratom sellers in the market, they have a refund policy. You can access your refund within 30 days of buying the product. The most common Kratom strains sold by this vendor include gold vein and Bali.


It is the only site where you can purchase Kratom products with bitcoin. It is good to know that you will save 10% off your purchase when you use bitcoin. Besides, their site has customer reviews. This allows future customers to know the pros and cons of purchasing products from them. As you can see, they are very transparent with their products and quality.

Kratom Sale to Be Banned – Indonesian Health Authority Shocked the US Market

The Indonesian Health Authority has proclaimed that Kratom will get banned from the year 2024. They have announced that harvesting as well as exporting of Kratom will be entirely prohibited. They have announced it now so that the harvesters can quickly shift to other crops before the banning of Kratom. We cannot deny that fact that if Kratom is banned in Indonesia, then it will directly affect the United States. The main reason is that Indonesia is the primary source of Kratom for US residents. It will also affect Indonesia; it is the economy a lot. A very significant amount of Kratom is exported to other countries from Indonesia, which adds a lot in the economy of Indonesia.

 Indonesia’s National Agency of Drug and Food Control recommend the ban of Kratom, which is not got news for American souk. It is because Indonesia Kratom is being exported to their marketplace in a considerable quantity. It is a source of business for many United States residents. The American lovers and supported of Kratom are unfortunate and unhappy because of this news. They are sad because Kratom will not be obtainable in their market. They are also unhappy because the United States FDA has hard-pressed Indonesian health authority to stop the supply of Kratom. They have pushed the Indonesia health authority to ban the flat and continue the amount of Kratom as well.

The wrong side of the ban:

Indonesian Kratom is the world-famous Kratom. It is believed to be the most effective as well as the most potent Kratom. The Indonesian province of Kalimantan is the primary basis of Kratom, and every year they sell abroad sizes up to approximately 400-500 tons a month. This massive sell overseas adds significantly to the Indonesian financial system, paying a lot of people in the area and inspiring the living values for them.

Secondly, as the preponderance of Indonesian populace is Muslims, they do not desire to use the kratom plant, support on the ceaseless discuss that it may or may not be forbidden by their faith. Therefore, all the Kratom rising in Indonesia is to sell abroad worth and make cash for the state. The quantity of kratom sell abroad may have jumped down after 2017 when the American marketplace observer the Salmonella outburst. On the other hand, the cause for the ban, in spite of its productivity is instead the harvesters can not at all appreciate. Moreover, the FDA is not mentioning on the forbid, which makes it probable for consumers to consider that the natural enhancement is, in reality, disqualified for the American FDA and not Indonesia! Before long, after this statement of Kratom forbid, the American Kratom Association advised kratom consumers to give so that Kratom could be reserved lawful. The connection spoke the vision that the FDA is behind this ban. The FDA starved of this accusation, but consumers have a preference to consider it.

SLO Kratom Review

Kratom vendors is a big resource for the people who live out of Southeast Asia. this miracle plant has so many hidden benefits that a person can’t estimate. No one can think that these ordinary leaves have magical effects which make a person special in different ways.

Authentic kratom vendors are fully responsible for bringing quality kratom products to the world. Great kratom vendors work directly with the growers and the caretakers of kratom to manufacture and import excellent quality kratom in its original form.

SLO Kratom has come up with an idea of providing the highest quality kratom and with amazing customer service which is very rare to find in the kratom industry.

SLO Kratom has many attractive services that are enough to astonish a person and change people’s mind who think kratom is risky for human life.

Their premium products, active customer support response, and highly fast shipping service are real facts that speak itself.

SLO Kratom focuses on their main aim of providing simplicity in their all work from products to their service everything they designed simply without any fancy structure.

Too much fancy stuff makes a customer confuse and it feels difficult for them to choose among different stuff.

They offer a small chain of strains such as:

  • Yellow vein
  • Green vein
  • Red vein
  • White vein

SLO Kratom deals in limited Products

As said before, the SLO Kratom vendor is the man of simplicity. It takes care of maintaining their simplicity whether in terms of products or their service. They don’t offer a long chain of strains to confuse people. Instead, they work on a few strains to keep people easy for choosing their strain.

  • Lab-Tested Products

SLO Kratom makes sure to test their products in association with Colombia Food Labs which is situated in Portland. Before sending the products to the customers, they test products thoroughly to make sure about the product pure quality and the health of customers.

The trust on any vendor is built upon the quality in their products and services which is the key factor for the success of any vendor. And thankfully, SLO Kratom is one of the vendors which could be trusted easily because they always care for the precious health of customers.

  • Reveal their kratom sources

Being an honest and dignified vendor, the SLO Kratom always believes to share their sources with their customers over the counter. This is the star quality of the vendor because to be always open with the customers is very remarkable.

They always choose reliable sources which would benefit them and their customers. They share each and every detail from picking the kratom to the shipping of the products which in a sense satisfy customers what they are getting and how.

  • Affordable Prices

A customer gives more attention to the amount of the product in terms of what they are getting from the vendor. A high-quality product never troubles a person in giving the appropriate money. However, low-quality kratom could not expect to be high in pricing.

Types of suitable strains

Before using kratom, the specific strain type should be searched and analyzed that justify your needs. Each strain is unique and has different significance in its own way. There are generally three main strains of kratom: Red Vein Kratom, White Vein Kratom, Green Vein Kratom.

  • White Vein Kratom

This strain is popular for its nootropic effects. This strain is ideally known for enhancing mood and to increase focus and concentration level. This strain is good for tired people to boost up the energy level. White Vein strain is the most stimulating strain.

  • Green Vein Kratom

The effects of the green vein strain lie between red and white strains. It is a moderate strain that enhances energy, focus and makes a person more active towards daily work to increase work progress.

Green Vein strain is used with the combination of Red and White strain to achieve more high effects. It also acts as a stimulant and an antidepressant.

  • The type of Suitable Kratom Product

Basically, a kratom comes in a leaf form. The leaves can be either fresh or dried. There are many forms of kratom in which it can be consumed. The most traditional way of using kratom is in the form of leaves. People can take it by chewing top kratom vendor leaves or by preparing a drink or herbal tea with it.

Kratom is provided in the form of fresh or dried leaves, crumbled leaves, powder, capsules, pills, tinctures, extracts, etc. user can select any form of kratom according to their wish.

People who like the taste and aroma of kratom, they usually prefer to use kratom in the form of leaves and powders. But many people who don’t like the taste of kratom, they use capsules.

Kratom extracts are the most potent form of kratom. Their effects are very high and beginners are advised not to try these extracts. The extracts come with different potency levels. Some are extremely high in potency.

A person should make a decision about which form kratom he wants to buy. Not all forms of kratom are available at a single vendor. Some vendors are on;y selling powders and leaves. Primarily, kratom leaves and best place to buy kratom powder are useful for trying kratom. Later on, you can experience other kratom products like kratom capsules and extracts for a high potency level.

Kratom capsules are a bit risky to order and consume because you are not having any idea what a vendor is filling inside a shell. People can buy kratom powder and fill in their own capsules.

  • Kratom lab test checking

Many vendors are not offering lab testing and even it is not mentioned at their websites. Without a lab test, a product is not safe to use. The right amount of dose, side effects are very important parts that should be known.

How would you know that a product is lab tested? Always search for a vendor that offer products with lab testing. Some of the highly reputed vendors share lab results against the products at their website. So, you must do some sort of research about these vendors. But in case, if you are unable to find any lab details on vendor’s website then you can ask them before ordering.

What Kratom Strains are best for Boosting Energy Levels?

Many people around the world belong to the labor industry or have a hectic work routine. Such people use different kinds of chemical medications to boost up their energy levels. However, they still are not able to get their desired results.

Nowadays, as we are seeing advancements in almost every industry, natural medications are also getting a lot of popularity among people due to their effective results. More Kratom strains are natural medications which are getting a lot of popularity among people, who need to boost their energy levels and stay fresh.

There is a massive number of Kratom strains available in the market nowadays, which people can use to boost up their energy levels. However, most people don’t have the idea about which Kratom strains are best for boosting energy levels or which are suitable for their body.

If you are one of those individuals who doesn’t have the idea about best Kratom strains you can use to boost your energy level, don’t worry, you surely are in the right place.

Here in this post, you will get all the information you need about the best Kratom strains which you can use to boost up your energy levels. So, let me start discussing the best Kratom strains for boosting energy levels.

White Vein Kratom Strains

These are one of the popular You Kratom strains that are popular among people, who have used them to boost up their energy level in an effective manner. The reason found behind the usage of this particular Kratom strain for boosting energy levels is the massive amount of Mitragynine.

This specific alkaloid has the capability to uplift the energy levels in the human body without giving any kind of side effects in the process. Moreover, it is highly recommended to the people who are suffering from health issues like:

  • Lethargy
  • Drowsiness
  • Lack of concentration
  • Lack of motivation
  • Fatigue

Thai Kratom Strains

People who wish to use a Kratom strain which has the capability to give them high energy boosting effects in a short span of time, Thai Kratom strains certainly are the right choice for them. This Kratom strain is found in a massive quantity in Thailand, which comes with an enhanced level of mitragynine alkaloid. This alkaloid is said to play the main role in boosting up the energy levels of the people who feel low and need to get active.

This Kratom strain is said to be recommended to the people who are suffering from health issues like:

  • Chronic pain
  • Stress
  • Insomnia
  • Depression

This Kratom strain’s high sedating effect can certainly help people in an effective manner, who are suffering from such kind of health issues.

Vietnam Kratom

If you are looking for one of the oldest and most powerful Kratom strain that can effortlessly help you boost up your energy levels, Vietnam Kratom certainly is the ideal choice for you. This Kratom strain has a much bigger amount of Mitragynine as compared to Thai Kratom strain, which is said to be the alkaloid which is mainly responsible in the uplifting of energy levels.

This Kratom strain is highly recommended to the people who along with boosting up their energy levels also need to:

  • Boost mood levels
  • Boost confidence

Mental clarity

Is a Prescription Required for Buying Kratom?

kratom-vendor review

Nowadays, many people are getting fond of using Kratom for treating different kinds of health issues. Most of us ask the question of whether we require a prescription to buy Kratom from any medical store or online pharmaceutical store. There are some medicines which are not given by pharmacy officials without a doctor’s prescription. This is the reason why people have this question in mind that whether they need a prescription to buy Kratom? Well, here in this post I am going to answer this question as well as also tell whether doctors prescribe Kratom to their patients or not.

Do Doctor’s Prescribe Kratom to Patients?

Before we go to the question whether we get a doctor prescription for buying Kratom, let me first discuss whether doctors prescribe Kratom to their patient or not. Well, after seeing the anger of the FDA and DEA towards Kratom, there is without any doubt that not any physician or doctor will risk their practicing license to prescribe Kratom to their patient. FDA has clearly placed Kratom in their controlled substance list, which makes it illegal to buy or sell in various states of America. Though, the legislation varies from state to state.

So, now the question which is to note here is that as we await approval from FDA for Kratom buying and selling will doctors ever prescribe it to their patients or not? Well, the answer to this question completely depends on the authorization and approval from concerned departments. Researchers certainly need to prove whether Kratom has any kind of positive effects on human body health or not. Many people across the globe including me are taking to Kratom to treat chronic pain, anxiety, psychotic disorders, inflammatory conditions, and depression.

However, there are many studies available which show that Kratom effectively helps the people suffering from above-mentioned health issues in an effortless manner, but still, FDA has not officially approved the buying and selling of Kratom in different countries. In this regard, the legal advocates of Kratom suppliers must need to pull up their socks and come up with something solid to make FDA believe that Kratom is a healthy medicine to cure different kinds of health issues.

Do You Need a Prescription for Buying Kratom?

Now for the most frequently asked question by people that whether they need a prescription to buy Kratom or not. Well, the answer to this question is that if you are planning to buy Kratom from any of its supplier or any online store, they certainly will not require any kind of doctor’s prescription from you. The reason is they are selling without any kind of doctors or physician prescription.

This certainly can prove to be good news for the people who are using Kratom for the health issues for which they think it is ideal for it. So, now if you are a person who is suffering from health issues like fracture, cancer or surgery pain, you can effortlessly buy Kratom from its suppliers and online stores without showing them any kind of prescription.

Online stores to buy kratom | best kratom vendor 2019


Before making any purchase it is still too wise to ask and know the best vendors of kratom. Always quality should make first priority. The process of harvesting kratom is quite difficult and so for you to grow it you require the urge to grow it and work on it properly. The natural herb requires so much water rich in minerals and also much sunlight. After harvest, the leaves must be dried properly as well to protect its alkaloids that define Re kratom. Where are some of the best stores online to make kratom purchase from? Below are top five popular and well proven quality vendors:


A company situated in the USA, state of Florida and it is such a good store from its location since Florida legalizes kratom. The company is therefore capable of importing authentic kratom strains which are in line with the strict process. The store offers both capsules and powder and from it reviews, customers are really satisfied. With the site you should be 21 years plus so as to make any order. Any orders made are shipped freely on the day of order. A money back refund is guaranteed for unsatisfied customers. The products sold here are tested in the laboratory as required and the results are displayed on the site.


This is another online store which sells kratom of high quality. The company has so many loyal and satisfied customers due to its irresistible kratom and the fast shipping after an order is received. It’s a well-known and respected company that many people refer beginners to try when making kratom purchases. Although the company does not offer guarantee of money refund, it has built its reputation and also the company so much believes that customers will definitely get the best of the product they are seeking. Vita Kratom offers great kratom strains and also the different strains are available in various sizes making it ideal if you are not decided on which size to buy and also for beginners to fully explore. Their customer support service is awesome and available anytime you need help.


This is another kratom seller so reliable and they offer high-quality products all quoted at very fair prices. The website has an online tracking tool whereby you can keep track of the order you placed. After making the order, shipping is done on that same day. The company provides customers with satisfaction guarantee whereby the product incase did not satisfy your need you can send it back within 30 days and get full refund of the product. Every dollar spend on the website earns the customer points and after getting 250 points they then can be redeemed to $25. It gives a very perfect impression and especially for first time users of the go buy kratom. It’s a very high-quality website offering very quality kratom.

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