Although the cloud makes an ideal choice of storage of files and data, it is never as enough. There are some challenges which come with cloud backups such as slow speeds which at times frustrate and also intermittent broadband access which make local storage a better preference. After all, you can have two backups that are the cloud and also the external drive. Therefore, a local storage such as portable drive serves better than cloud whether you are using it for storage of family photos, editing some video taken from home or even storing PowerPoint decks you do not want to lose among others.

There is however some factors you need to put into consideration before deciding on which external hard drive to purchase and such include:

1. Making the right connection choice

With the other very many connection types not recognized recently, the battle now remains between Thunderbolt and USB connections. The first key consideration is going for that drive which will definitely work well with the computer you are using. Therefore, if the computer you are using features Thunderbolt port, go for a hard drive with that connection. Most computers will come with USB ports making also a USB connection an ideal option to go for. Other external drives actually can work with both USB and Thunderbolt ports. Always for better functioning ensure to go for a connection that is on the trend with future computers.

2. Is the drive as fast?

External drives which make use of solid-state drive tend to be faster as well as make a good way of storing heavy tasks like editing HD movie. Also, in case you want to make copy of huge data amounts within very short time, it’s an ideal option. However, SSDs are too expensive. But if you do not major as much on performance of the drive, the normal hard drive-based drives can serve the purpose at lower costs. For instance, if the drive is to serve as storage for movies you can opt for non-SSD drives. As well, Thunderbolt drives compared to USB drives are faster. As you use the USB connections also, consider that USB 3.0 port has a speed ten times faster than the speed of USB 2.0.

3. Is the storage enough?

Definitely, no one would prefer going for a drive with lesser space. The larger the storage space the better the drive. However, the choice of space as well depends on the use the drive is to be subjected to as you cannot pay for a certain amount of storage which will never be used. If it’s to be used for backup, the storage space needed obviously is larger than the internal drive of the computer. In a case where the major concern lies on the storage capacity, consider non-SSD drive. There are larger SSD but the price of such drives is ten times that of a non-SSD of the same storage capacity.