Kratom, an evergreen tree native to Southeast Asia. Tropical in its origins, the substance is known for its opioid like properties as well as its stimulant like effects. Kratom is typically used for pain reduction and stimulation, yet many also use the kratom for anxiety relief. Some strains can even reduce anxiety and improve work ethic and focus at the same time!

A noteworthy fact in regards to dosage for anxiety reduction, is that if dosed wrong, could provide you with things like extreme stimulation or euphoria which may actually increase anxiety.

In regards to the best strains for anxiety relief, the suggested strains would have to be Borneo, Indo, Bali and Red Veins. Interesting fact, Indo Kratom is known for its double edged effect. It provides a stimulant like effect while also providing sedation.

Best Kratom for anxiety

Red vein strains tend to have pain killing and sedation effects overall. Many choose this specific strain because those two factors are clearly able to reduce anxiety. It is important to note that some similar strains may be stimulating which is actually the opposite of what you want.

The Borneo strain is perhaps one of the most popular anti anxiety strains because of its alkaloid content. The content is generally high in 7-hydroxymitragynine which creates anxiety reduction and pain reduction effects.

Bali is fairly popular because not only does it have sedation and pain reduction effects, but it is actually quite cheap. Often being one of the most purchased strains in recent years.

In regards to strains you should avoid, stay away from Thai, any White Vein strains, and possibly Maeng Da. These strains are typically known for their high stimulation levels. These levels typically increase anxiety levels rather than reduce them.

In terms of dosage, taking low doses is recommended. Kratom tends to work more effectively at low doses. At least for sedation anyway. Higher doses tend to create euphoric effects as well as undesired side effects similar to “The Wobbles”.

Interesting enough, many people prefer Kratom rather than anti depressants in terms of reducing multiple mental hardships. A lot of reviews state that Kratom is cheaper, and far more effective.

Unfortunately, regulatory agencies are constantly putting pressure on the Kratom user community, attempting to make the substance illegal. However, many great arguments have been brought forth by Kratom advocates in order to maintain its legal status.

If you or your family are attempting to use Kratom for anxiety reduction, please be sure to speak with your doctor or general practitioner before hand. As with any body function altering substance, undesired side effects are always a possibility. It is better to be proactive in terms of using Kratom rather than being reactive when something possibly goes wrong.