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Gold Bali Kratom

Kratom is a popular herb commonly grown all over Indonesia for its medicinal usefulness. The useful section of the plant is the leaves. The leaves possess veins of different colors which indicates the type of strain it is. There are three kind of strains: White, green and red. The gold strain is said to be red vein leaves that undergo an extended drying phase till they turn slightly goldish so as to bring out certain alkaloids. You can distinguish Gold Bali powder by its goldish color.


A dosage of between 1 to 6 grams is suitable depending on the effect you want it to have on you. Mainly there are several factors that come into consideration when a person wants to determine the most suitable dosage, they are


There are different methods of ingesting the substance into your system.

  1. Ingesting capsule
  2. Smoking
  3. Through drinking tea
  • Using powder
  1. Pour water to a pot then add a desired quantity of Gold powder and bring it to boil for about 12 minutes
  2. Sieve the tea into a cup
  • Home preparation
  1. Get some 50 grams of dried up red leaves from a tree that have undergone further drying, crush them and place them in a pot then add about a litre of water and let it boil for 10-15 minutes.
  2. Sieve the tea into a container.
  3. Return the leaves in the pot and repeat the process again.
  4. After you’ve sieved them twice discard the leaves.
  5. Take the first and second tea and mix them together, boil them again until the volume reduces to 150 ml. Remember having more water means having less the flavour.

It obviously tastes bitter so you can mask its taste by adding sugar, lemon or ginger.


The Gold strain has several medical uses. When ingested this strain takes no longer than 10 mins for its effect to kick in and they can last up to 6 hours. Gold strain has the following effects:

  • Pain killing effect
  • Has a sedative effect
  • Boosts appetite
  • Gets rid of anxiety and induces relaxation
  • Energy booster


Gold Bali may also have its side effects when a person uses more grams than they are used to or amounts above recommended dosages. Symptoms may be:

  • Stomach upsets
  • Dizziness
  • vomiting

Consistent use of Gold Bali can create dependency overtime and if a person who frequently uses the substance tries to quit they shall exhibit withdrawal symptoms and other severe side effects. The symptoms are

  • Weight loss
  • Anorexia
  • Liver toxicity
  • Death
  • Respiratory collapse

Kratom is llegal in some states like Alabama and also some other asian nations like Thailand. In all north American countries it has been declared a controlled substance in the same class as morphine and other similar substances.

A comprehensive indo kratom guide for beginner

Indo kratom is mainly produced in Indonesia, an Asian country where Mitragyna speciose is wildly grown. With the various wild crafters and plantations where the business of growing, reaping and drying of the kratom leaves have been done, Indonesia has been known to be the biggest kratom exporter. Scroll down and get to know more about this outstanding kratom strain.

Facts about indo kratom strains

The term indo originates from the word Indonesia, a country where various varieties of indo kratom strains are grown. The traditional indo kratom strains have been known to have their sole set of properties which makes most kratom users prefer it over others. The effects of this kratom varies depending on the season, the plant as well as the vein color. However, it possesses the common characteristics like the other kratom strains which include relaxing, analgesic and sedative effects.

Indo kratom varieties

  1. White vein indo kratom

This kratom variety is well known for its energy boosting and stimulating properties. It has been considered to be a very social strain compared to the red vein. It as well helps in relieving depression and anxiety.

  1. Red vein indo kratom

Just like most red vein kratom strains, the indo kratom red vein has a soothing, analgesic and mood-lifting properties. Red vein indo kratom is helpful in relaxing and calming your body and mind without compromising the aid of your thinking process and thoughts.

Indo kratom types

  1. a) Super indo kratom

Super in this context means the unique way in the harvesting of the kratom. The indo kratom leaves harvested are super as well. Large super indo kratom leaves harvested have high alkaloid content hence produce more potent products even for the smaller doses.

  1. b) Premium indo kratom

In this variety, the stems from leaves are carefully removed before they are dried. This leads to production of a more concentrated product since the leaves contains the most active compounds. This type of indo kratom has been highly recommended in most newbies as it offers best quality and price.

  1. c) Ultra enhanced indo kratom

This type of indo kratom have 25% concentrated extract which makes it effectiveness. This makes it pricier. Typically, experienced kratom users who have mastered the right quantities like such stronger varieties.

Benefits of indo kratom

Pain relieve

Analgesic effects of indo kratom lasts longer than that of other kratom strains, particularly red vein indo kratom variety. Conversely, this kratom variety has sedating effects hence may not be the best choice for a day strain since it may affect your daily activities as well as your work.

Mood enhancer

Indo kratom varieties have a high 7-hydroxy mitragynine content which is an effective mood enhancer. Based on the type of strain you use, it may lead to high euphoria. Allegedly, indo kratom strain should be your best mood enhancer.

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